Terrapin Works is primarily student-run; one of the reasons we have been so successful in establishing a large presence on campus and integrating our services into the curriculum here. Since Terrapin Works is primarily student run – we believe in hiring hardworking, passionate student employees to join our team. Our only requirement is that you have a good work ethic & that you put school before work when necessary – an engineering major is not required to work with us. Note, however, that this is a primarily engineering-focused job.

All student employees begin their time at Terrapin Works in our MakerBot Innovation Center learning the basics of 3D printing and how our organization operates. After completing introductory training, employees have the opportunity to specialize in a variety of fields (described below), but most employees will still spend some of their time working with 3D printing regardless of specialization.  We accept applications on a rolling basis and make hiring decisions towards the end of each semester.  Current applications will be reviewed towards the end of the spring semester and considered for positions for fall 2021.


Desired specialization can be chosen on the application.
Our student technicians are responsible for the day-to-day operations at Terrapin Works. Student technicians will start in the MakerBot Innovation Center where they will receive introductory training.

Student technicians who wish to continue with Terrapin Works after the semester ends typically move on to our other labs and advanced equipment, or to one of our other positions as described here.